Course Disclaimer


Course Disclaimer

East Bridge College (EBC) is a private, independent, education establishment, incorporated in USA, UK, and Thailand. EBC does not claim to be offering any National accredited programmes, nor does it claim to confer academic diplomas as do traditional public or private colleges and universities in any above-mentioned countries or other parts of the world. EBC’s skills-development Degree programmes and their ensuing awards and certifications are most conducive for personal and professional development purposes.

EBC does not claim that it’s programmes or professional awards are academic in nature, as do other traditional/public/private universities in above mentioned locations or other parts of the world. Students are required to do their own independent research regarding the suitability of EBC programmes and ensuing certifications based on assessment of their own personal and professional development needs before enrolling into EBC programmes. EBC does not guarantee that the certifications conferred are accepted by other institutions of higher learning for further studies.

EBC does not guarantee that the certifications conferred are accepted by employers, both private and public (government agencies), for job seeking and/or promotion purposes.

All EBC Certificates are issues from Thailand and can be notarized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Thailand and can be also legalized through Embassies. If you need Apostille Service, EBC Certificates cab ne apostille through our legal team in USA

Please contact for further information